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This website is dedicated to all the 1970-1977 Ford Mavericks and Mercury Comets that have passed on to the great car show, cruise-in, and highways of the sky. 
Email me your pictures of great Mavericks and Comets that have passed on to the great beyond.  I only have a few requirements:

1.  The rarer the car....the better!!  I don't necessarily want pictures of your average 4-door car.  I want pictures of Grabbers, Stallions, Sprints, and any interesting or unusual Maverick/Comet.

2.  I will accept "average" cars if they are pictured in an unusual setting.  For example, the top is cut off, it is sitting underneath other cars, it is wrecked beyond belief, etc.  Send them in to me and I will determine whether it gets added to Maverick Heaven or not.
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You can also mail me pictures at:

Craig Selvey
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