Maverick Tears in Heaven....
Here we have a variety of pictures, submitted by Russel Vaz Moraes, from not just south of the border, but south of the equator!!  These Mavericks rest their soles in the country of Brazil.  Note the lack of side marker lights.  Here is a note from Russel.

Hi, friend Craig! 
How are you? Good I hope. 
I am an editor of, a brazilian site-webblogue. 
I am sending something for you, from Brazil. 
Thanks a lot 
Russel Vaz Moraes  - Brazil

Here is a picture submitted by Pascal Lemire.  Here lies a 1974-1975 Mercury Comet GT.  Pascal writes, “I know that the yellow Comet GT still has the 302 in it and he came with a manual trans on the floor.  All the cars are located in Recuperation Dorval in the town of Beaumont (approx 40 min from Quebec City).
Here is a 1971 Ford Maverick Grabber at rest somewhere in Minnesota.  It sports a 6 cyl. engine, automatic with floorshift, and a red bucket seat interior.
It's a bird, it's a, it's a Maverick?!? On top of a pole in Gadsden, Alabama.  This is one I found while surfing the internet.  The person who posted this picture writes, "Oddly enough, there was no junk yard underneath, nor auto repair shop....I sure there must have been at one time. Gadsden-ites, feel free to enlighten me!"  Well, Charlie Ping sent me a picture of this car back in 2000, and at that time he told me that the Maverick was part of a sign for a junkyard that is no longer open.  He said there were still some cars around, but as far as he could tell it was closed.  In 2000, he said the car had been up there for about 15 years

- 1973 Mercury Comet GT.  
302, Automatic, floor shift, black bucket seats, manual steering, bright red in color.  Car was bought here in Irvine, KY for parts as it suffered a hard wreck in the late 90's.

Submitted by David Adams