More Maverick Saints
Here is a 1972 Maverick Grabber (as you can tell by what's left of the wing) from Dave Boyer.  The only way he could tell what year it was by the front license plate. No motor or trans, or even a roof. This car was in Delaware, Ontario (Canada) in a small yard which has since been cleared out to make a park.
Here's another picture from Dave Boyer.  This is a 1974 Grabber that he found in a Tampa, Florida junk yard back in 1992.  It was a 302, automatic car with brown interior, and had the original stripes.  It was resting comfortably on top of a Cadillac.
This was originally a green 1972 Grabber with lime green stripes. It had a 302, automatic on the column, and a nice brown interior.  The hood was rotten, but the scoops were good, as well as the rear wing. Dave Boyer snapped this picture somewhere north of London, Ontario (Canada), but he's not allowed to say.  Dave was able to salvage the scoops after he took this picture.  Can you say "organ transplant"?
Another Dave Boyer sighting....This poor car was a 1971 or 1972 Grabber.  No motor, just raise the hood and see how many springs you can stuff in there.  So many springs they are falling out the wheel opening.  It did have a black vinyl top at one time and had been repainted with '1974 black Grabber stripes added.  Check out that red bucket seat interior, looks good from this angle.  The racoon living in the back seat thought so. 
In the trunk it was kind of rusty, as seen by the huge shackles sticking up. This car was so rotten all that was left of the gas tank was the pinch weld around the outside of the tank. The wing now sits on Dave's shelf in his garage, the hood was long past saving.  This car was in a Delaware, Ontario (Canada) junk yard that has since been cleared out for a park.
Here's an old picture from Doug Bauer from March 6, 1976 of his 1970 Maverick Grabber:  When driving home on a rain slick road in Dickinson Texas, he went around a curve and the Maverick did more than a 360 degree spin.  Doug ended up backwards down in a ditch up against a small cluster of trees.  I think from the size of the dent, you can guess how big they were!!

Doug purchased the Grabber used for $1050 in 1974. The Maverick was considered totalled when wrecked, but Doug sold it for $325 to a body shop who fixed it and sold the car.  Doug saw his car on the road one more time after the body work, going north on I-45 towards Houston during the summer of 1976.

As Doug said, "If I only knew how much interest there would be for the Maverick Grabber in the New Millenium, I would have fixed it!"

Here's a 1970 Maverick submitted by William Fife of Mooresville, North Carolina.  It was his wife's car and had a 250 6-cyl., automatic, power steering and air conditioning.  It died with only 52,000 miles on it.  His wife went to Oklahoma to get it from her uncle (where it had been sitting under a tree growing mold on the paint). They brought it back and painted it. The interior was perfect.  William's wife ran a stop sign and was hit by a Nissan Maxima going about 35mph. The car is sitting beside the barn in his own little junk yard (7 cars now). It's now minus the motor and transmission and some interior parts. Soon to be missing the gas tank.
Here is another picture from Dave Boyer...well actually, his Uncle.  It is a picture of a 1971 or 1972 Mercury Comet GT.  It is a six cylinder car.  This picture was taken in a junk yard in California, which explains why the car is rust-free.  That doesn't explain why the car is there though!! I hoped somebody saved this one.
Here's a Maverick just hanging around.....on the side of this fence at a junkyard in Prundale, by Monerey, California
Here is a picture submitted by Dennis Martin.  It is a picture of a 1972 Ford Maverick Sprint in a junkyard in Glenville, Pennsylvania.  The entire car was repanted white with a black tail-panel.  The unique Sprint interior was still there, just trashed beyond use.  This is porbably the rarest Maverick ever made.
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