More Mavericks and Comets with Wings.
Here lies a 1970 Maverick Grabber.  Dennis Martin snapped this picture in a Glenville, Pennsylvania junkyard.
Buried in all the trees is a 1970-1972 Maverick with the very rare houndstooth roof, and a 3-speed on the floor.  Dennis Martin took this picture in a Glenville, Pennsylvania junkyard.
Once again Dennis Martin ventures out to the Glenville, Pennsylvania junkyard and was some how able to find the big bumpered Maverick with the Luxury Decor least thats what he says it is!!
Now here is one that probably ended up in Maverick Heaven...or should I say "Comet" Heaven.  This picture was submitted by Kieth Ross, but it was snapped by his great-grandmother on June 23 or 24, 1972.  The picture was taken just after hurricane Agnes in the town of Harve de Grace, Maryland.  Havre de Grace is located at the end of the Susquehanna river/mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, or half an hour north of Baltimore
Here is a 1971 Ford Maverick Grabber from the West Coast...Ukiah, California to be exact.  This was a V-8 car, with an automatic, bucket seats, and air conditioning.  This picture comes from Corbin Johnson and he tells us that the hood, engine and tranny were all gone on this rust free car, and that is has sadly been crushed.
This is a 1973 Ford Maverick with the Luxury Decor Option (LDO).  This picture was also snapped in the Ukiah, California junkyard by Corbin Johnson.  This car featured a V-8, automatic, air conditioning, and bucket seats.  This car was also crushed, even though it was rust-free.  Gotta love those rust free California cars!!!
These pictures were submitted by Ray Parrish of a 1972 Ford Maverick Grabber that he bought for parts.  The previous owner had started a restoration 11 years ago and this was as far as he got.
Check out the rear license plate!!!
Jeff Springer from Lawrenceburg, Tennessee sent us this picture of what is left of his 1971 Ford Maverick.  He bought the car from it's original owner 5 years earlier with only 81,000 miles on it.  He was broadsided by a car that ran a red light at 50 mph.  Jeff broke his collar bone in two places (ouch!!), while the car was totalled.  The bench seat was pushed in so far that it bent the passenger door "out" on the other side.  These are tough little cars!!
These pictures were submitted by Rob Muirhead.  This 1973 Ford Maverick is located on some abondoned property in Haliburton Ontario Canada.  The old couple that owned the property died...and the car still rests there.